“Good morning.” When did those words start sounding like a mocking voice? It may be morning, but it doesn’t feel like a good morning. You enjoyed five sporadic hours of sleep last night, which is an improvement from the past three weeks. It’s not that you’re staying up late or getting up very early. Your regular bedtime is nine and you’re up at six for work, so why are you only getting maybe five hours of sleep?

You tried watching TV, reading a book before bed, or even a night sound machine. Nothing works. Insomnia affects many of us as we age into our 40’s and 50’s, often as a result of hormone imbalances caused by perimenopause, adrenal fatigue, stress, and anxiety. (BodyLogic) Our bodies need estrogen to maintain healthy sleep patterns that not even sleeping pills can replace. Without sleep, our bodies cannot recover from a full day of stress, energy use, and cell repair. If you don’t treat your insomnia, the greater chance your insomnia becomes a chronic condition over time.

Hormone therapy is giving women of all ages the sleep they need by naturally restoring hormones to healthy levels. Our ReVital care team works with women from all walks of life to regain a good night’s rest. While some hormone therapy clinics may prescribe a “one-size-fits-all” treatment, we work with each of our patients to best understand their body’s unique needs. We get to know you first before we recommend any treatment.

You may wonder if hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Our team put together a FREE eBook available for instant download here to help you learn more about the various types of hormone replacement therapy for women. Download your FREE eBook and schedule your next appointment today. Start with ReVital today and wake up to a good morning in your near future.