If you’re like most guys suffering from low testosterone, you may wonder how much testosterone your body needs. What’s the right amount of testosterone for your body? Can you have too much testosterone? What are the “numbers” you need to know about your testosterone? What’s “free” testosterone, and how is that different from total testosterone?

Our Low T St. Louis team is proud to present our new eBook, “What Are Normal Testosterone Levels? How to measure your testosterone for optimal results.” This resource provides in-depth answers to some of the most important questions about testosterone replacement therapy, such as:

  • What are my testosterone numbers, and what should they be?
  • Is there more than one type of testosterone?
  • What’s the difference between “free” testosterone and total testosterone?
  • What’s the most effective way of testing your testosterone levels?
  • What qualifies as “low” testosterone? How do you even measure testosterone?
  • What is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)?
  • This is our most jam-packed, answer-heavy resource to date and it’s our gift to you.

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Our goal is to give you the insight you need to start a conversation with your doctor about your testosterone. If you have questions or concerns as you read this book, our Low T St. Louis team is here to serve you. You can also schedule your next appointment with Low T St. Louis to get started.