There are many tremendous benefits of hormone therapy for women. There are also a few known risks of hormone therapy to consider as well, such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and breast cancer in certain situations. When it comes to weighing the pros and cons, you want to know what type of hormone therapy is right for you. Your body is beautifully unique and needs to be carefully protected with the best treatment possible.

When it comes to menopausal symptoms, systemic estrogen is the most effective form of hormone therapy, albeit with a few known risks. There are several forms of systemic estrogen. Estrogen replacement therapy, or ERT as it’s often called, can be prescribed in pill form in medications such as Premarin, Estrace, and Estratab. However, there are certain health risks to consider when it comes to estrogen pills, especially for women with liver dysfunctions of any kind.

Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) can also be prescribed in skin patch treatment. It’s more convenient simply applying one patch in the morning without needing to remember to take a pill throughout the day. It’s too early in the research process to determine whether estrogen patches pose the same type of health risks as estrogen pills.

Early menopause is an important factor in considering hormone therapy. Research shows that women who experience early menopause are at a lower risk of developing certain types of breast cancer. (Source)

You may be an excellent candidate for hormone therapy if you:

Experience mild to severe hot flashes or other menopausal symptoms
Have lost bone mass and either can’t tolerate or aren’t benefitting from other forms of hormone therapy
Stopped having periods before age 40 (premature menopause) or lost normal function of your ovaries before age 40 (premature ovarian insufficiency)
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