We may always imagine infertility to be in the men’s hands, however, it is common to be in either. In a man and woman relationship, it could be said that one-third of infertility issues are on the men’s side, another one-third is on the women’s, and then the last third is a combination of some sort. Either way, it can be important to learn your body and know what is going on within you to better understand if there needs to be a fix.
Each woman can have different reasons for the same outcome. To be infertile can mean something different for everyone as a woman’s body is different from body to body. At least 10% of women may deal with infertility issues in their lifetime and for each one, it could be from something different. It can be vital to go to your doctor frequently and get a better understanding of your body.

Who Could Have Issues

While not many women will have to go through the trials of infertility, it can be caused by many things within their life. Whether it is from their lifestyle, genetics, or their overall health, it can vary from woman to woman. Being overweight or underweight can have a huge impact on your fertility. This can possibly mess with your menstrual cycle and your egg production.
If you smoke or over-drink you could also be affecting your fertility. These two things can affect a lot in your mind and body over time and should be rethought if you are trying to have children.
Your age also has a large impact on your fertility. If you are over 35 you may risk the inability to have children as your body is aging and changing. Your egg count may not be as high as it was the years before. Your age can also bring along the risk of more health conditions such as arthritis, thyroid disease, or lupus which can all affect fertility as well.

What are Possible Causes

Outside of lifestyle and overall health, there are main reasons why a woman may be having fertility issues as well.
A low egg count and egg quality could be a possible problem. When women are born, they have the number of eggs they will have for the rest of their lives. Throughout their lives, these eggs may run low or become unusable as some may not be able to fertilize as they age.Problems with the uterus and fallopian tubes can also cause issues with fertility. If there are issues within the uterus or fallopian tubes such as adhesions, these may cause fertility to become much harder.

Can It Be Fixed

Many of the issues that could cause infertility cannot be prevented as they are in the body and already set in motion. Fortunately, if it is more of a lifestyle issue, that can be adjusted. Problems like smoking, excessive drinking, being over or underweight or lacking exercise can all be changed within your lifetime and in the end, could lead to profitable outcomes. A woman’s health can be linked to many things inside and outside of their bodies and could affect more than we may think.
Some physical conditions for infertility may be able to be helped with forms of surgery, but it can depend on your doctor and what is best for your health.
Infertility can make a huge impact on anyone’s life. It can be crucial to take a closer look at the lifestyle you live and your goals in life. The faster you get a better understanding of yourself, the faster you may be able to help yourself in the long run.