Hormone therapy is transforming the lives of women from all backgrounds and ages. For some women though, hormone therapy is not an option because of how some of our bodies react to the treatment. Thankfully, there are some good natural practices that may help ease your body’s hormonal changes, such as during perimenopause and throughout menopause. Try making some of these lifestyle changes to see how your body responds.

Limit your caffeine intake

Studies show that caffeine has a negative effect on menopause symptoms, increasing hot flashes, disrupting already irregular sleep patterns, and accentuating irritability. (Source) Eliminate caffeine from your diet altogether, if possible, or at least limit your intake throughout the day and especially at night.

Stay cool

Our bodies can change dramatically throughout menopause, even increasing our body temperature by over two whole degrees. There are several ways you can help stay cool throughout menopause:

Wear layers when you dress so you can quickly remove a layer if you experience a hot flash.
You can also drink a glass of cold water or fruit juice at the beginning of a hot flash.
Avoid spicy foods because they can trigger hot flashes. Other non-spicy foods that can cause hot flashes include coffee, alcohol, tea, and other hot beverages.
Stress can be a big contributor to hot flashes. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly, and limit stressful interactions when possible. (John Hopkins)

Eat more soy

Some researchers believe that adding soy to your diet can relieve many menopausal symptoms. (Source) Soy beans, tofu, and soy milk are all excellent soy-based products that can easily enhance your diet while potentially limiting hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

Try alternative medicine and exercise practices

Yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatment may be good solutions for helping your body naturally respond to menopause. There is no guarantee of any treatment’s success, but it’s worth exploring for yourself as a safe alternative method to hormone replacement therapy.

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