When women first consider hormone replacement therapy, our ReVital care team makes it a priority to explain both the rewards and risks of beginning and ending hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Hormone replacement therapy can rebalance your body’s hormone levels to feel more at peace as your body experiences menopause. Research shows that some of the added benefits of hormone replacement therapy include as much as a 20 percent increase in likelihood of employment and an elevated quality of life. (Reuters)

Our bodies naturally create the hormones we need through perimenopause and menopause, but postmenopause changes and the addition of subsidized hormones through HRT can cause our bodies to limit hormone production. There is also some belief that stronger synthesized estrogen replacements, such as Premarin and Prempro, change estrogen receptors in your body’s cells to the point where your body only accepts the stronger estrogen hormones. (Women to Women)

Some hormone replacement therapy is also known to increase the risk of developing breast cancer. (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation) As with any medication or treatment method, it’s wise to research and consult with a board-certified physician trained in women’s hormone replacement therapy throughout your treatment process.

If you do consider stopping your hormone replacement therapy, it’s important to consider the strength of the hormones you ingested and the duration of treatment time. Another important variable to consider is how severe your symptoms were before beginning hormone replacement therapy. Your initial condition may return once you end your treatment process.

The best approach for stopping hormone replacement therapy is a gradual decrease. Our bodies need time to react and respond to the withdrawal effects as we let them naturally resume hormone production.

Not all hormone replacement therapy is right for every woman, which is why we highly recommend only receiving treatment under the caring supervision of a board-certified physician. The many benefits of hormone replacement therapy can transform your everyday life with vibrancy, energy, and interest again with the appropriate treatment plan.

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