Burnout can happen to everyone and anyone no matter the age or gender. It can cause harsh effects both mentally and physically to someone and it can be important to watch out for. Burnout can show itself in many different ways depending on the person and it can be hard to identify properly. Once identified it is important to make your well-being a priority and let burnout take its course so you can feel back to normal.

How Can One Get Burnout

Most may think burnout happens purely from someone’s occupation. While being overworked in your job can cause burnout, there are many other ways that burnout can occur within somebody. If you have a poor balance of work and personal life, you could see yourself burning out from stretching yourself too thin. You need to remember you are only one person and need time to relax and reset your body.
If you are someone who works or does anything until it is perfect, burnout may be an outcome you see often. Burnout can happen from working so hard to perfection that your mind and body physically take a toll from it. Burnout can also come from not getting enough recognition both in work and in personal life. If it feels like you do everything but get nothing in return or even a simple thank you, you may start to feel the effects of burnout.

How Burnout Affects the Body and Mind

Burnout may take a few days to really set in. In those few days, you may start to feel the subtle effects take hold and it could be wise to be aware of them and take notes so you can try to beat burnout before it gets too bad. Physically, your body may feel more fatigued than usual, you may get more headaches or muscles aches than normal or the feeling of being physically sick. Your appetite and digestive systems may also be affected during this time.
Emotionally, burnout can show itself in many ways. You may start to distance yourself from others or get cynical during certain times. Burnout can also bring out low self-esteem or low motivation. Depression and anxiety may also grow during burnout and cause the feeling of being trapped in whatever situation is causing the burnout.
Outwardly, burnout can also show up. Your attitude towards work may change and you may start to get in late or clock in early more than usual. You may start to feel more irritable than usual and try to isolate yourself from friends and family.

How to Battle Burnout

Once you start to feel the effects of burnout, the sooner you try to fix them, the sooner you can feel back to normal. One of the biggest things you can do can be to reach out to your friends, family, and work. Let the people around you know what is going on and how it is affecting you and see if they can lend any support or help.
While burnout may appear in many different ways, a woman’s health may take on certain coping mechanisms over others. Physical exercise could help against burnout and possibly help gain insight into your deeper emotions.
An easier and effective way to fight burnout is to change your environment. This could mean going for more walks, cleaning your desk or rearranging it, taking work outside one day, or changing up your routine. These changes can help break the cycle and battle burnout.