Low testosterone has a big impact on men’s lives.  When testosterone drops below optimum it results in:  weight gain, poor sleep, weakness, fatigue, weak erections, depression and decreased libido.  Men don’t just wake up one day with low testosterone and all the symptoms, the effects come on slowly . . . in fact the changes are so slow that men just write it off.  They think:  “I just need to work out more”,  “I will cut back on the beer a bit and I will just snap back into shape,” or my favorite, ” I am just getting older – slowing down”.     Don’t fall into that trap.  Our guys “Get It” – they know that low testosterone can be properly diagnosed, treated, and managed long term.


If you are noticing changes, odds are so is your spouse, kids, and co- workers.   Ask yourself this, would you like to bump into your old high school or college buddies today looking and feeling like you do?  If not, then there is your answer.  Testosterone is essential to maintaining muscle mass, energy, mental focus, positive attitude,  libido, and healthy sleep.  When the levels of free testosterone that are available to bind to the receptors in the brain and muscles, there is a drastic change in their function and performance.  Men can experience these changes subtly at first and then much more severe.


They do get it . . . the job . . . the promotion . . . the girl . . . their body back  . . . etc.  Our clients are men who want to be better dads, employers, husbands, coaches . . . just better.  They are not trying to get somewhere they have never been before, just get back to how they felt at their peak.  Returning testosterone levels to normal and restoring normal hormone balance will help men with their physiology.   We believe that when men feel great – they do great.


We have written a free ebook that patients are using as a guide on safe testosterone treatment covered by insurance.  This free  instant download white paper can discuss their care with their doctor, find out more about hormone balance and how low testosterone can be treated safely.   If you would like to discuss your care over the phone with a board certified physician, please feel free to contact us and we can help locate a provider close to you.Return Testosterone Levels to Normal