July 2014 I was 60 years old 285bl had a hard time breathing and a borderline diabetic I knew I had to do something so I started exercising to lose weight. Just after 2 weeks I realize it was just too much to keep going on with working out to try to lose weight & go to work & everything else you do in a normal day, I tried the energy drinks they made me feel too jittery and I was afraid of a heart attack. I heard the commercial for Low T on the radio so I gave them a call it really was the best call I ever made for my health and wellbeing. Right off the bat I was able to go to work and then in the evenings five to seven times a week I would work out riding a stationary bike 5 to 7 miles I slowly incorporated weight lifting. I lost a total 55 pounds, my waist went from 48 inches to 40. Losing this weight in less than 8 months I have muscle tone in my arms and chest and no saggy skin in my waistline from the weight I lost and I know it’s all for the treatment of Low T. My original goal was to get down to 250 pounds and have a 44 inch waist line now I’m shooting for 220 pounds and a 38 inch waist line. I’m 61 years I never give a testimony for in any product or believe in any product like I do LowT. And I appreciate all the compliments and encouragement I get from friends and family an everybody at LowT when I come in each week even at 61 years old it’s great to hear things like that. So, thank you Dave and everybody at LowT.
Thank you,