Sleeping is something we do every night and there is so much that goes into getting a good night’s sleep, and how we feel afterward. There can be a lot done to help make our eight hours of sleep better, or ways to take advantage of a good night’s sleep.

While we may just think our head falls on the pillow and our body does the rest, we have a lot of control over why we are either sleeping badly, not sleeping at all or not feeling rested when we wake up. Our day-to-day lives before we hit the hay, have everything to do with our body helps us in the nighttime.

How to Get a Better Sleep

Create Habits

Creating a timeframe that you aim to be in bed can help your body get the rest it needs. Creating a routine before going to bed can also be a way to train your body. This can be as simple as starting with brushing your teeth, then washing your face, then reading a chapter of a book. Whatever your night needs to consist of, do it the same way every night to get your body in a routine.

No Big Foods

A late-night snack is something we all crave once and a while. Keeping it light like an apple, other fruit, or a small protein like some almonds or cheese can make sure you are not giving your body too much to work on while you are trying to rest.

This also means staying away from caffeine and alcohol before going to bed. While alcohol may make you feel tired, it is still a stimulant that can keep you unrested.


As well as exercise being great for women’s health, it can be a great way for your body to have a more natural rest later on. Just having a simple walk or workout during the day can be beneficial, but don’t exercise too close to when you plan on sleeping as it could have the opposite effect and keep you up.

Benefits of a Good Rest

Immune Boost

When you get a good night’s sleep it has been shown to help boost your immune system. Without a good amount of sleep, you may become more susceptible to the common cold. Making sure to get a proper eight hours of rest can help stop that.

Focus and Productivity

Having a good night’s rest can be a crucial way to make the next day better. Getting the proper sleep can help your concentration, productivity, and cognition, leading to more work being done and done well, and the possibility for a clearer mindset. This can even help boost up memory and problem-solving skills as well.

Weight Loss

Having a shorter night’s sleep has been shown to be a large way people can gain weight. A person’s sleep duration has been closely linked with their weight. Sleeping for a less amount of time can also cause people to have a larger appetite which leads to eating more calories. Sleep deprivation can affect the hormones that are in control of appetite, allowing a larger appetite to be in those who have a worse sleep.

Getting a proper eight-hour rest each night can help balance out your hormones and help lead to weight loss and a normal level of appetite.

While we may not think a lot of our actions go into having a good night’s sleep or a better next day, our actions all have consequences. It can be important to see how those consequences will affect us even when we are resting.