Whether you are choosing to have a run alone or with others, there are safety concerns to keep in mind. In today’s world, there is not a precaution you should not take and when it comes to exercising outdoors, that can be one of our most vulnerable moments.

Running can be a great way to help both our mental and physical health, and running along can be a great way to have time to think and get to know yourself in a more intimate way. However, it can be a scary time to be alone while running, or even if you are running with more people, and it is important to keep your safety as a number one priority.


Communication should be put into place no matter if you are running along or with a group. Telling someone elsewhere you are going, how long you may be out, or even setting up a tracking system on your phone.

There are many phone apps now that can easily be connected with family and friends to share locations or be able to send out a distress signal if something goes wrong. Having a program like this on hand if you go out on frequent runs can be a major help.

Change it Up

It is okay to have a go-to route or trail you and your friends like to do. But it could be helpful to change up the time of day, vary the start time an hour or so, or even start the trail where you usually may end it. Every little thing counts when it comes to your safety.

Of course, doing a completely different route by yourself for the first time may be a bit tricky, you don’t want to get lost or confused. Take it slow, just change times or starting points and then try new trails with friends before going headfirst into something different.

Defense Tool

Not everyone may be comfortable keeping a defense tool on them while running or exercising, and that is okay. Thankfully, these tools have gotten more compact and easier to use through the years, and now they can just be hooked on your keychain, or put into a pocket.

Adding pepper spray, or a sound alarm to the things you bring with you on a run. You don’t want to be without them if you do need them. Running can be an amazing attribute to a woman’s health, but, it is important to keep yourself safe and defended against the world around you.

Common Sense

When going for runs or outdoor exercise, always have your phone and ID on you. This can help to call for help, check-in with family, or identify yourself if necessary. Don’t wear darker colors. Even if you are running in the daytime, running with colorful clothing can help drivers see you better. If you do choose to run at night, wearing reflective clothing, headlamps, glowsticks, or anything that will make you stick out like a sore thumb is key.

This may be a hard one, but don’t listen to music while outdoor running. It can be a distraction to the world around you. You want to be able to hear cars, other runners, bikers, and anything that could cause you to move or stop.

Overall, running and other outdoor exercises are an amazing way to clear your head, keep up with your health, and be social, but it also comes with many safety needs. Your safety is always the priority, especially once you leave the house.