You’re in your 30s but you barely feel alive. While your friends are enjoying a fit and full lifestyle, you’re experiencing discomfort, mood swings, unexplainable weight gain, lack of desire or energy, and even feelings of anxiety and depression. Maybe a friend or your partner told you about ReVital. At first glance, you may even begin to wonder…

“Is ReVital right for me? Am I too young for what ReVital has to offer?”

If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. Many women who struggle with living life out of a healthy balance often wonder whether their age plays a factor in their treatment options. Our ReVital team is finding that many of our patients are in their late 30s to late 40s in age. Feeling like someone besides yourself can be scary for any of us, especially if we are only in our 40s.

Our hormones can begin dramatic changes in our 30s and 40s that may not be anticipated. Thankfully, there are many safe and proven treatment solutions that recognize you are capable of living a full and healthy life no matter your age. Our board-certified physicians help women of all backgrounds and ages identify the root cause of their hormone imbalances. We take the time to get to know you, understand your personal and family health history, ask questions specific to how you’re feeling, and create a personalized treatment plan for your body’s unique needs.

Please don’t let your age be a deterrent for starting a conversation with our care team today. We want to help you enjoy the life you’ve always wanted to live, which may be closer than it may seem. If you’re a woman in her 40s and your health is not what you hope it could be, we have a gift for you.

Our ReVital care team created a FREE resource about BHRT available for immediate download here. Many of our patients experience significant improvements in their overall well-being within the first few treatments. Download your FREE eBook and schedule your next appointment today.