Alcohol with Testosterone Treatment

Drinking red wine may increase athletic performance by naturally increasing testosterone levels, according to researchers at Kingston University in London. Testosterone is considered a performance-enhancing hormone by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and is banned from consumption in a myriad of competitive sporting organizations. Additional study results also showed that red wine may help mask testosterone production levels, allowing athletes to beat anti-doping tests.

Professor Declan Naughton, study lead and professor of Life Sciences at Kingston University, explained the team’s findings, “A full clinical study would be needed to determine the effects on people but, if the same results were found, it would confirm that compounds in red wine can reduce the amount of testosterone in urine and give a boost to testosterone levels.” (ScienceDaily) The crucial factor in red wine’s effect on testosterone is its ability to reduce the amount of testosterone released in the body’s urine, while also using a chemical compound called quercetin to signal the body to excrete more testosterone. Professor Naughton has recommended his team’s study results to the World Anti-Doping Agency as a forewarning of potential doping violations in the future.

Testosterone is known to increase muscle mass and strength, aid in faster recovery time, and improve stamina. Since the exact effect of red wine on a specific athlete or individual varies with weight, height, and fitness level, it’s difficult to predict how long it may take for red wine to increase their athletic performance. What we can conclude is that an extra glass of red wine may give your athletic game a little boost, even if it may not improve your jump shot.

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