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Are you an honest guy? We hope it’s because you’re a gentleman, but your testosterone may have more to do with it than you realize! A University of Bonn study shows that testosterone, the main sex hormone in men, is also a supporter of social behavior, including honesty. (Science Daily) The research team led by Dr. Armin Falk, an economist with the university, studied 91 men in gameplay situations where cheating was possible. Participants who received testosterone treatment lied less frequently than subjects who received a placebo treatment.

The study involved 46 of the men receiving topical testosterone in the form of a gel. Neither the study participants nor the scientists applying treatment were made aware of who received the testosterone. The study subjects then played a simple dice game in separate booths. The higher the game score, the more money the subject would receive. Researchers compared the testosterone grouping’ reported scores with the control group’s and found that test subjects who received testosterone treatment cheated far less than the untreated participants.

Previous claims from some testosterone studies believe that testosterone promotes antisocial behavior. However, this study purports that testosterone positively impacts the human body by valuing pride in behavior, including a positive self-image supported with honesty and integrity. Your significant other may have hopes for making an honest man out of you, but it’s your testosterone that may do the trick.

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