No matter what kind of relationship it is, communication is one of the most important aspects of any of them. Keeping a strong and open way of communicating with your child, husband, or family can help keep the relationship sturdy and feel safe on both sides of it. However, this can be considered very difficult if you are trying to show your little ones or even teenagers that you are a safe and open person to go to for things.
It may change from child to child and how you choose to approach the situation, but there are ways to help the communication in a mother and child relationship grow. Both parties have to contribute but in the end, even the smallest of efforts can blossom into something amazing in the future.

Active Listening

Active listening can mean a couple of different things but in the end, it helps show your child that you care about what they are telling you and you want to hear more. This can be shown by paying attention to details. When your child is telling you something that may not seem important in the beginning, listen in carefully. See if there are any bigger reasons they may be trying to get across.
While listening to the details, ask questions. This could help keep them focused on the story, and show that you are listening and paying attention. Questions like “What did they say?” and “What happened next?” can help make them feel important to you.

Talk When it is Right

A lot of conversations can come organically in car rides, walks, over bedtime. It doesn’t have to be forced or pushed upon your children to talk as they may bring things up themselves. During activities like these, they may be more inclined to chat because the situation is more relaxed and it is a one on one time for the two of you.
Getting the opportunity to talk openly with your child while doing things like walking or hiking can be a great benefit to a woman’s health as well as their relationships. Both of those activities can help your body physically and mentally and in the end, get closer with your child.

Be You

You can’t forget that on top of being a mom, you are most importantly a human being. As are your children. It is important to talk to them as such. If you are giving honest reactions, exclaiming when something wacky might happen, or sharing confusion over a strange outfit, these things can show your child you are human.
A simple way to show them that they can talk to you is that you are open with them. Talk about your day first, relate to them with your coworkers and their school friends. Be honest and say work was boring or stressful because more times than not they may have a similar opinion about their school day and want to talk about it.
Creating a safe space for your child to come to you and be able to talk can make the world of difference. It may just take a little effort, but what doesn’t when it comes to motherhood.