Jamie: Ladies and gentleman, Kevin Meuret in the house. How are you doing buddy?

Kevin Meuret: I’m great. How are you Jamie?

Jamie: From the Low T St. Louis.

Kevin Meuret: Yeah.

Jamie: Man, you guys do great work. I love going there and seeing all the happy faces of my listeners.

Kevin Meuret: Oh it’s great. We love it. You know, Father’s Day is coming up.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin Meuret: Which is awesome so that’s what we’re all about. Our guys being guys. I absolutely love it. Our waiting room is full of people like us.

Jamie: Yeah and you know what’s interesting? You guys … We hear a lot of ads for a lot of different things. A lot of different guys and they constantly focus on ED or they constantly focus on libido and that kind of thing. I always tell people that the reality is, all those things could be fine for you but other aspects of your life are not.

Kevin Meuret: That’s right.

Jamie: As you point out, being guys. Playing with the kids, having the energy to get your butt up off the couch to go work out so you can live longer for the kids. All those things are tied to low testosterone.

Kevin Meuret: Absolutely. I want to be the best dad I can for my kids and that means have the energy from 6 o’clock until 10 o’clock to play with them, hang out with them, to be fully engaged, to not be emotionally or physically wiped out and to do that, you’ve got to be healthy and you have to have hormonal balance.

Jamie: No doubt and of course obviously couldn’t be [inaudible 00:01:11] you’d been amazed if you currently don’t feel like you have any issues with libido. Just wait until you actually start with the testosterone treatment from Low T St. Louis and you’ll be like, “Oh! Yeah! Okay, get that. Yeah, got that.”

Kevin Meuret: That’s right.

Jamie: Here’s the thing and I want to ask you this because every once in a while, I see this on my Facebook page or something. Some thing will come by, something like one of these ads. It will be like from one of these lawyer bundles and they’ll talk about how testosterone … How if you’ve been treated with testosterone, you might be … They might have given you cancer or whatever it is.

Kevin Meuret: That’s right. That’s right.

Jamie: They cite these studies and things. They don’t bother to read them but …

Kevin Meuret: Blood clots, heart attacks, those types of things and so.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin Meuret: What’s interesting is the guidelines that those attorneys use to sue the, like and those types of companies, are the same guidelines we use for treatment. We just stay within the lines of the road. There are guidelines that are posted, that are published by the Endocrine Society. If you follow those guidelines, not only is it safe treatment but you’re covered that you’re followed them so, for us, it’s very simple. We don’t do gels and we don’t do anything that’s going to step outside of safe monitoring so for us, it’s a non-issue.

Jamie: Yeah and that’s why you’re insured.

Kevin Meuret: Absolutely. You can’t be insured unless you’re following within those guidelines and we do so it’s very safe. We’re looking … Remember, we’re looking for hormone balance. Not just testosterone being normal. The estrogen can be high and that can be setting your testosterone off. It’s like a teeter totter. Your estrogen gets high, your testosterone is affected by that and you have the appearance of low t but what you do have is high estrogen and we can help manage that as well.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s interesting. The insurance part is important to think about because, again you talk about the benefits of the Low T St. Louis. You don’t have to talk about the detriments of other people but what I am saying is, when you’re being discerning about where you’re going to go, look for whose insured and who isn’t. Essentially.

Kevin Meuret: Credibility. Look for credibility and ask for the guidelines. What guidelines are they following? We communicate with Family Practice physicians on a regular basis. They are happy to have us manage it because we’re managing it from the same playbook that they manage their cases from. We keep a very close eye on the testosterone to make sure the hormone balance is there but they’re also safe so it’s simple.

Jamie: Yeah. When I say, you’re insured, don’t make a mistake. It means it’s covered by insurance. I want to make sure you guys know that that’s what I mean.

Kevin Meuret: That’s right.

Jamie: The physical exam that takes place, I think it’s pretty cool. You’ve got the blood panel because you’re drawing blood and you’re getting … Before everything starts because you want to find out what the deal is with the people.

Kevin Meuret: That’s right. That’s right.

Jamie: You can even see … Guys, if you … Let’s put it this way. Guys do not want to go to the doctor.

Kevin Meuret: No.

Jamie: Right?

Kevin Meuret: No. That’s right.

Jamie: Hardly ever.

Kevin Meuret: Rub some dirt on it. Unless you’re showing bone, they don’t go.

Jamie: Exactly. Yeah.

Kevin Meuret: The issues that guys are having, it can be a lot of different things so we’re screen heart and heart issues, we’re screening liver, we’re screening prostate and we’re finding out what the underlying cause of the symptoms are. It may or may not be low testosterone. It might be sleep apnoea, it may be estrogen levels being high. Now remember, our testosterone is 25% lower than our grandparents across the board so our whole society is very different from what it was just two generations ago so we’re get exposed all the time to chemicals and estrogens that our bodies are trying to fight off. So, unless we’re doing something to proactively bring it up, we’re going to lose that battle.

Jamie: Yeah, no doubt. I think, too, you have discovered, you had a couple of cases where you discovered one guy where you saw evidence of prostate cancer.

Kevin Meuret: That’s right, yep. We’ve caught blood clots, we’ve caught heart issues, we’ve caught tons of things for things and we’re very happy to be in that spot. They just have not gone to their doctor but the symptoms they were having appeared like low testosterone but we knew to dig deeper until we found what it was and we got them to the right place.

Jamie: I think it takes like 15 minutes.

Kevin Meuret: Oh I know.

Jamie: It’s-

Kevin Meuret: It’s nothing. I know.

Jamie: It’s … You just go in and you’re out and it’s …

Kevin Meuret: It takes more time to go to the bank.

Jamie: It does!

Kevin Meuret: Seriously.

Jamie: It does!

Kevin Meuret: It’s a piece of cake.

Jamie: It’s crazy. Tommy’s got a question for you, Kevin. Tommy, what’s up buddy?

Tommy: you guys take Insurance?

Kevin Meuret: You know, we do work … In certain cases, we do.

Tommy: Okay that’s all the insurance we have right now.

Kevin Meuret: Well, I’ll tell you. If you’re a guy and you need help, you come in. I’ll help you.

Tommy: Okay. I’m more than happy.

Kevin Meuret: All right.

Jamie: All right buddy. That’s Tommy. Lowtstl.com. You guys are about to also open up something in St Charles County. Are you almost there?

Kevin Meuret: We are. We are, yep. We have a lot of people that are driving across the river and what we want to do is we want to make it convenient for guys. Let’s be clear. If it stops being simple for guys, we’ll stop. When we have enough people that are driving to Chesterfield right now, what we’re going to do is put another location out there so it’s convenient for them. We want this to be part of their routine, part of their health routine like working out and good food and good water. We just want to be part of that routine for them so we’re going to go where it’s convenient for them so they don’t miss.

Jamie: Well, plus the valley is so easy to get to from St Charles anyway. Eventually you’ll probably want to expand further out but if you just take 94 and you’re onto 64 and you’re like right there so …

Kevin Meuret: It is.

Jamie: Hey, we’re going to take a break here. We’ll be back. We’re going to cover a little bit more of the Trump stuff. We’re going to follow up on Rachel and your phone calls are welcome for Kevin.. It was like, you know, “Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Ivanka Trump.” She comes out to introduce her dad. “Today I have the honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction. His legend has been built and his accomplishments are too many to name”. I’m thinking, “This is going to be good.” Too many to list. There’s a guy with no testosterone problem right there.

Kevin Meuret: He does not need to come see us. He is all set. Man …

Jamie: Lowtstl.com. Hang out with Kevin here.