Testosterone Therapy Covered by Insurance

July 21, 2014 Chesterfield Missouri: Low T St. Louis, is a full service medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of low testosterone. The physicians of Low T St. Louis are board certified, able to utilize a wide variety of treatment options, and accept insurance for the treatment to the treatment of testosterone deficiency (Low-T). The clinic was founded by Kevin J Meuret and is staffed both Board Certified Medical Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and nurses specializing in insurance based low testosterone treatment.

Is it Low-T or Age?

Low testosterone is a condition that affects an estimated 13 million men in the US, but the symptoms are often ignored or simply dismissed as “aging”. On average, testosterone levels peak at age 30 and decrease each year by one to two percent. Men over 30 with Low-T will see a decline in muscle function, sexual performance issues, stamina, and endurance, and experience problems with concentration, sleep, and mental sharpness. Studies prove that older men with common health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure may be twice as likely as other men their age to have Low-T.

3 Numbers Every Man Should Know: Cholesterol, PSA, and Testosterone

Low T St. Louis is set up so men can walk in, take a simple blood test, and know if they are a candidate for Testosterone Therapy. Treatment options for patients who would benefit from Low-T treatment are as diverse as our patients. “Technology has provided flexibility in treatment options for our patients. Patients can be seen weekly to optimize levels, one time every three months, or two times a year. This allows us to serve our patients in St Louis as well as reach into the rural areas where these treatments are not normally available.” The treatments offered by the Physicians at Low T St. Louis are customized to fit individual testosterone needs, with prescription medications that can only be prescribed by licensed practitioners. The treatment is simple, is covered by insurance carriers, and can be available for less than $100 a month.

Total Transformation Program . . . Wipe Out Years of the Effects of Low T

Men who have suffered with Low T have experienced many changes in their bodies, many times those changes are evident to everyone in their lives. “Many of our clients tell us that one day they looked in the mirror and didn’t know who was looking back at them. They always thought they were one good workout or a crash diet of getting back into shape. Unfortunately, when testosterone levels are decreased, nothing they try will work. They are fighting against their own bodies. We can balance the hormones in a man simply and easily turning the clock back on their body. Our TOTAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM can wipe out the damage caused by years of low T in just a few months”

With a primary location in Chesterfield along with treatment centers in St Charles and South County, Low T St. Louis is now accepting new patients and walk-ins 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Click here to make an appointment or to get your numbers, call 314-858-5085 or visit www.lowTstl.com