Life can bring many curve balls our way and many of them may lead to certain levels of anxiety. Certain times may be easier to deal with that anxiety than others but in the end, there are always some key steps to keep in mind on how to cope. Whether it is anxiety brought on by work, personal emotions, or physical happenings, anxiety can be debilitating for everyone.
There are many different coping mechanisms but each person may respond to them differently. It is important to learn what your body and mind react to the best and learn how to utilize those skills. While in the moment of anxiety, our minds may be clouded with the issue, but to get past it, we need to take on those skills and use them to get ourselves in a better place.

Acknowledge What is Happening

Before we can try to use our coping skills, we may know what is going on first. If work has gotten too stressful, a room is too loud, or our bodies are betraying us in some way, we must first acknowledge that. Once we are able to pinpoint what is going on and why it is bothering us, we can have a better understanding of the proper steps to take next.

Ground Yourself in the World

One of the first steps in helping against anxiety can be to ground yourself. This means focusing on your five senses and looking at what is around you. List of five things that you can see, touch and possibly hear. If you have food or a candle in front of you, acknowledge those senses as well.
By grounding yourself, you are forcing your mind to take a break from the current thoughts and realize where it is and what you are doing. This can help simplify any overwhelming thoughts and get you back to basics.

Change Your Scenery

If you are having anxiety in an area where you can get up and leave, do it. By getting up and changing your environment, you can give your mind a chance to change gears and focus on something new and less challenging. Changing the scenery can also mean going outside and going for a walk. Physical activity is very important to a woman’s health and can show benefits in both physical and mental ways. Taking a walk can help clear your mind and release stress-relieving chemicals within your brain.

Focus on Your Breathing

As you are going through anxiety, it is important to not hold onto it. Like any stressful moment, it will pass and your mind will clear up. By focusing on the negative, you are allowing it to grow in your mind and get stronger. Use your other coping mechanisms instead like focusing on your breathing. To help against anxiety and to help your physical being not faint or pass out, you need to focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. Try breathing through your stomach instead of your chest as well. Put a hand on your belly and focus on the rise and fall of your stomach as you level out your breathing.
Anxiety can be a frightening emotion to go through, but it doesn’t need to overpower you. Once you are able to learn the proper coping mechanisms and what is best for you, don’t be afraid to use them every time you feel your anxiety start to rise.