With the new year underway, it’s inspiring to think that this year can be better than 2015. News reports are already showing that “enjoying life to the fullest” is the top New Year’s Resolution for 2016. What are your greatest hopes for living life to the fullest in 2016? If you’re going through menopause, one of your hopes may be to actually enjoy life despite the symptoms of menopause.

Enjoying life through menopause starts with the right mindset: I can live the life I want. Studies show that having a positive attitude during menopause, especially during difficult times, can improve your experience. (NCBI) Maybe it’s writing a list of your blessings each morning. Maybe it’s choosing to exchange negative emotions for positive ones in the moment. Start with a positive outlook and see the difference your mind can make.

Enjoying life to the fullest during menopause is much easier with a healthier lifestyle. Get more sleep when you can. Insomnia is one of the leading symptoms of menopause. (National Sleep Foundation) Changing your diet to avoid processed carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, and bread, is another excellent lifestyle change because processed carbs can accentuate some of the effects of menopause. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol consumption as much as possible because of the negative health effects associated with overconsumption.

Reducing stress is another wise decision to help ease your transition through menopause. It’s very easy for us to dwell on complicated conversations and relationships and not let our mainds have the peace we need to enjoy life. By reducing our calendar commitments and stress levels, we can embrace the margins of life as they come.

Rebalancing your hormones can also ease or even alleviate many of the symptoms that come with menopause. Our ReVital care staff put together a FREE eBook available for immediate download here to help you learn more about our different varieties of hormone replacement therapy for women. Download your FREE eBook and schedule your next appointment today. Live life to the fullest this year. It starts with a simple conversation about how hormone therapy can enhance your everyday life.