There are many different coping mechanisms out there for people to use. These mechanisms can help process your own thoughts, get through hard emotions such as depression or grief, and also help if you are going through tough times and changes. Each person is different and going through different events, meaning each mechanism could work differently. A great tool to utilize to cope could be the use of a journal.
A journal could offer a third party to talk to and vent to. If you don’t have someone to talk to, don’t feel comfortable enough going to someone, or don’t understand how to speak about events yet, a journal could be a great tool. The simple act of writing down your thoughts and feelings can help process them and better understand them in the days to come. It may also help be able to talk about them outwardly later on.

Make It A Habit

Starting a coping mechanism can be the toughest part. It can be scary and you may not know where to begin. Thankfully, journaling is a physical activity and can start with just the placement of a pen on paper.
If you have certain times during the day where you can have alone time you can use that time to write out your day and feelings. Try to make it a habit and continue writing for a week straight and see how you feel. Then, go further and try to write for a month. Keeping the habit of writing going can make it easier and help you be able to process it quicker.

Learn About Yourself

Writing your emotions has a way of opening up a part of yourself you may have not understood before. It can create an awareness of your feelings and yourself and in the end, help you better understand yourself. This could help in the moment of anxiety or depression throughout the day.
A lot of us take our emotions and bottle them up. This can create a blockage in our well being and that can either burst at any time and make the situation worse, or it may make you think what you are going through has no way of being helped. Being able to write about a certain event or emotion can help break those emotional walls and clear your mind. This can help both processes and get through them in a more healthy way.

Motivate Yourself

A woman’s health can look different for everyone. Journaling can help fight against anxiety and depression and lead to a healthier mind and body. With a clearer mind, it may seem easier to go about the hobbies that you love. You may feel more motivated to take up knitting again, or go for a run outside to get some fresh air. Journaling can lead to many different benefits for each woman.
In the end, there are many different coping mechanisms to try out and see which ones click best for you. Journaling may be a perfect tool to take any weight off your shoulders while also creating a better connection between you and your mind.