There are many ways to keep your body healthy and continue to exercise. Some of these could be inside a gym or your own home, or a walk around the block. Exercise can be anything that gets your heart rate up and gets little sweat on your forehead. Another great way to exercise is to get outside and see the world around you.
Of course, this could be done with simple walks, but there is a better more physically exerting option as well. Hiking can be the best of both worlds if you want to see the beautiful world you live in while also getting in an amazing workout for your whole body. Even the simplest of hikes can be a great way to burn calories and strengthen your body.

Hiking Doesn’t Have to be Scary

No matter what your current exercise level is, there is a hike that can be equal to that. Hiking doesn’t always have to be large mountains and rock climbing. It could simply be a stroll through a trailed path and working through some rocks and tree routes. Whatever your experience level, the world has something to offer.
If you like to be near bodies of water or get lost in the woods, there is a trail just for you, probably only minutes from your home. You control your workout and what you choose to do, hiking is what you make of it.

The Benefits

Since hiking, even simple trails, can push our bodies and workout muscles we may have not even known existed, there are many benefits that come with hiking.
For one it could improve blood pressure while also lowering the possibility of heart disease. Hiking can also help your balance and core strength within yourself as you have to work to get around rocks, moss, and trees. It can build muscle within your calves, glutes, and hips as well. In the end, this can help you feel more balanced and secure on your own two feet.
Hiking has also been shown to be great for mental health as well, helping against anxiety or stressors in your life.

Getting Started

To get started hiking you just need a good pair of shoes, a map, and your own motivation. You don’t have to start on something hard or that will make you tired only halfway through. Starting slow and working yourself up throughout your hiking endeavors can be extremely beneficial to not push your body too hard.
Picking a trail that has a few good hills could be a great way to push yourself just enough to get your heart rate up. While raising your heart rate, you could also burn 30% to 40% more calories as well.
When it comes to women’s health, all precautions should be taken into consideration. You don’t want to push yourself too hard but you also want to work up a slight sweat. If you are planning a hike and you are unsure how you might hold up, getting a pair of good hiking boots, hiking poles, and lots of water could be your best friend. Hiking poles can help you stay balanced and give you a third or fourth leg to stand on.
In the end, like any exercise, you want to start slow and get an idea of what you are able to handle before you start to raise any difficulties. The most important part about hiking, in the end, is the exploration and appreciating your body and health.