While all women will eventually get to the years of menopause, the events leading up to it may vary per person. Each and everyone one of us may get different levels of symptoms, the year it starts, and how it affects us. However, we don’t have to be totally blind to what to expect as we age.
A lot of the time we can look to our mothers as a blueprint of what to expect. It of course won’t be spot on, but it may be able to help us see how bad our symptoms could be and when we could start to see perimenopause starting and menopause beginning. There are things we can do in our own lives to possibly change or adjust how menopause affects us as well.

Can Your Mom Tell the Future

Looking to your own mother in hopes to see how you may look when you age can be a fun game to play as a child, but by now we have learned that it can be our own life choices that make us the way that we are. This goes the same way with menopause.
If your mother had terrible symptoms, a painful experience through perimenopause, or even memory issues from menopause, that does not mean you will too. Her body was affected in her own way through the change in hormones and yours will be as well. That being said, you could look at her lifestyle and see how that compares to yours. Healthy habits may be able to also help make sure you don’t go through it as rough as she may have.

What Genetics can Actually Tell You

It can’t give you a specific blueprint, however, it may be able to tell you when. Perimenopause is the process a woman goes through before menopause. In this process, you may start to feel the symptoms of low estrogen. Your period may start to become irregular and you may start to get menopause symptoms. When a woman stops producing eggs for twelve months, then it can be considered menopause.
If you are able to see when this process started in your mother, you may have a good idea of when it will happen with you. If the women in your family have a long line of either starting menopause early or late, you can go ahead and think that yours is too.

How Your Lifestyle can Benefit You

Some lifestyles like continuous smoking or being overweight may cause your menopause to start earlier than normal. However, there are some ways to help better yourself through the symptoms of menopause when it does happen.
By adding a couple of days of exercise to your routine, even if it is only 30 minutes, it can help reduce menopause symptoms. This goes the same if you change up your diet and add things like the proper carbs, fiber, greens, and protein. If there is too much sugar in your diet, it could make symptoms worsen.
In the end, we uncomfortably can’t predict the future. Fortunately, we can help ourselves in the meantime and make sure the future is ours to take.