Even the closest couples can experience rocky times because of hormone imbalance. While some women have no problems in their 40’s and early 50’s, depending on genetics and environmental factors, patients can experience symptoms that range from mild to debilitating. Those who do have severe discomfort or pain from symptoms can easily withdraw from their partners for a variety of reasons. To the partner, this can be a confusing message.

Emotional issues due to hormone imbalance

Wildly fluctuating hormones can lead to irritability, mood swings and even depression.  These hormone fluctuations leading up to menopause are called perimenopause, and can last from 6 to 10 years.  No longer does estrogen gently ebb and flow, it spikes up and down, which wreaks havoc on a woman’s internal environment. Changes can be severe and scary.  We have patients that have told us they can wear one size of pants in the morning and need a different size at night . . . like they are living in someone else’s body.

Physical symptoms that can be painful

When estrogen levels drop decrease, the good work that it does in keeping vaginal tissues moist and elastic can also decrease. As a result, many women experience physical changes that can become painful. Vaginal atrophy can occur as the result of the tissue becoming more fragile. Naturally lubricating secretions are also less plentiful. These factors may result in pain during sexual intercourse. The discomfort can easily cause you to shy away from intimate relations.  The partners many times are left clueless to this change and can see this as personal rejection.

Custom Treatment for Custom Problems

Every woman experiences this roller coaster of hormones differently.  Some need support in energy and thyroid management while others need a complex mixture of:  estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  Specific symptoms like decreased libido, vaginal dryness, and weight gain can be individually treated while hormone volatility is reduced and stable internal hormone environment is established.

What partners need to know about Hormone Imbalance and Treatment

We find that many of our patients’ husbands or partners are deeply confused with this change.  It is challenging for them to not internalize the changes in libido and interest in intimate relations as anything but a personal rejection.  Our doctors are sensitive to these delicate issues and can not only help treat the symptoms, but we are happy to educate the partner on what to expect and how to support treatment during this time.  Many partners come to find out that once treatment begins, they are excited because person they loved is back to themselves again, and they become closer than ever.

Free Resources

The great news is that when hormonal deficits are replenished and balance restored, then you are back!  The stress and strain of spiking hormones can be managed so you can return to your normal life.

Relationships take time and effort . . . but they are worth it.  Let us help restore a normal internal hormonal environment so you can dedicate the time and energy to those in your life who depend on you.  Our doctors have written a free eBook you can download instantly to help guide you through treatment and explaining the process to your partner. 

You are right there . . . that point of your life when you know the most and can make things happen . . . ReVitalize your body and optimize your hormones.  Now more than ever you deserve it.