No matter the woman, changes to the body during pregnancy are inevitable. They can show in many different ways and for each person, it can show a little differently. The most common changes a woman may see would be increases in both estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones are the most prominent ones during pregnancy and can take shape in many different ways in the body. 

Both of these hormones can change the body in many ways a woman may not see coming and could affect both their physical and mental state through the nine months. Depending on the trimester these two can have different effects as well. However, it is important to know these effects are natural and there are simple remedies to them as well. 


While estrogen is something that flows through you naturally, especially during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy it will spike and rise very quickly. During pregnancy, estrogen is there to keep the blood flow healthy and even heavier as the baby grows. While the heavy blood flow inside of you will keep the baby growing at a healthy rate, it will also create a tenderness in your breasts. 

A healthy blood flow will keep your organs working properly too. This could lead to having to use the restroom more often since it will be working your kidney to the max and create pressure against your bladder. Higher estrogen is also what gives that pregnant glow everybody talks about. A woman’s health can fluctuate throughout the pregnancy, but these are common occurrences through the many months. Coming into your third trimester, both estrogen and progesterone are the highest they will ever be in a woman’s body. This can result in swollen ankles and feet. 


Just like estrogen, progesterone will also spike throughout your pregnancy and will give changes in your body and mind through the three trimesters. One of which would be it helps the pregnancy begin in the first place as it helps connect the egg and keep the muscles still until labor. 

Progesterone is more well known for what it does to affect a woman’s mood. Since the levels of this hormone are so high, it can lead to the start of mood swings from happy one moment to sad the next. When the pregnancy is coming to a close in the third trimester, it can be very common that progesterone will cause a spike in acid reflux and heartburn. 

With both of these hormones and many more that may affect a woman during her pregnancy, it can be important to understand that these reactions are normal. The changes that happen to your body during pregnancy happen to thousands of others out there and the simple addition of cozy slippers, antacids, or simple massage could keep these at bay. 

Of course, every woman’s pregnancy can be different, each woman may experience these things a little different than the last. Having an understanding of why they occur and knowing what is to come can help out the process of having a baby. The addition of some fuzzy socks can be a game changer.