Healthy Testosterone

Let’s be honest- the middle man is getting in the way, and by middle man, we mean your Michelin man midsection. No offense to Michelin, but that spare tire needs to go! You’ve tried crunches, sit-ups, dieting, even hot yoga, not that you’d ever admit to even trying hot yoga. So far, nothing’s worked.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. A German study published by the Endocrine Society shows that testosterone-deficient men experience substantial weight loss during testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). (Science Daily) The study’s lead author Farid Saad, PhD, of Bayer Pharma said “The substantial weight loss found in our study — an average of 36 pounds — was a surprise.”

Other studies have produced smaller changes in body composition, but this particular study included a longer follow-up of two years and long-acting injections of testosterone. The study featured 255 men between the ages of 38 and 83 with an average weight of 236 lb. The treatment lasted five years with the initial injection beginning on Day 1 followed by another injection after six weeks and subsequent injections every 12 weeks.

Participants were not required to follow any specific diet or exercise regimen, but they were given recommendations for lifestyle changes. They experienced an average weight loss of 4% after the first year of treatment and 13% after five years. Study participants also lost an average of almost 3.5 inches from their waistline. “These results are encouraging because studies show that weight loss drugs and lifestyle interventions have been largely unsuccessful, especially long term,” Saad said. Take that, Slim Fast.

If you’re tired of your spare tire getting more and more inflated, it’s time to shrink your belly with testosterone treatment. You probably have a lot of questions about testosterone replacement therapy, which is why our Midwest Men’s Clinic team put together a free eBook to help you get the right answers. The Midwest Men’s Clinic is dedicated to helping men with low testosterone get rid of the Michelin man midsection. Click here to schedule your next appointment.