FDA Approves Low T St. Louis Treatment

The April 2015 issue of the American Journal of Physiology -Endocrinology and Metabolism features a recent review by University of Florida, Gainesville researchers that suggests injectable TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is highly beneficial for aging men suffering from hypogonadism (critically low testosterone). (BMC Med 2014; 12:211) This is in comparison to other known testosterone treatment solutions, including testosterone gel and testosterone treatment patches.

Injectable TRT believed to lower cardiovascular risk

Study authors Stephen E. Borst, PhD, and Joshua F. Yarrow, PhD, shared their study findings detailing the benefits of injectable TRT. The ability to administer TRT via intramuscular injection allows for higher dosages. There are significant musculoskeletal benefits to injectable TRT, such as an increase muscle mass and strength, decrease in abdominal fat, and an overall boost in everyday energy.

Oral or transdermal TRT treatments are not as potent as intramuscular injections and there is some concern whether oral TRT is also risk contributor to cardiovascular (CV) disease. This study suggests that injectable TRT with finasteride (Proscar) “may be both the safest and most effective treatment for older hypogonadal men…” (AJP-E&M) This tandem treatment of testosterone and finasteride carries multiple study histories that show positive musculoskeletal results while also reducing risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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