Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the doctor exclusively for BHRT?

Of course! Sign up for a free consultation and come in and see one of our certified physicians so we can address your specific needs.

How do I get started?

Simply contact our office by calling directly, emailing us, or through live chat on this website. We will schedule your visit either at our office or at home/work to arrange a lab draw.

I understand the treatment options for BHRT, but how do I choose a provider?

There are two primary ways for physicians or clinics to deliver BHRT. The first and most common is the cash-for-service model; the second is the traditional insurance model (insurance reimbursement for the covered and diagnostic services). We primarily operate under the insurance model for consultations and office visits in an effort to alleviate a significant portion of the cost to our patients. This also allows us to access diagnostic services we can safely monitor including:

  • Heart Activity
  • Clotting Activity and Venous System
  • Blood and Saliva Testing Regularly

Patients who work with providers that do not accept insurance are often less carefully monitored since the cost is just too great. Our primary commitment is to provide safe treatments to achieve the results you deserve.

What will it cost to achieve hormone balance?

Call us to find out your insurance coverage so we can discuss specific costs for your customized treatment.

Why should I choose ReVital?

Three short and simple benefits:

  • Affordability.  We accept insurance, and all treatments are available to everyone who needs help.
  • Safety.  We provide close monitoring to avoid early signs of treatment problems.
  • Convenience.  We offer accommodating blood draw options – we can come to your home or work – so the treatment doesn’t interrupt your life.

Why do we treat BHRT under the insurance model instead of the cash-for-service model?

There can be a significant out-of-pocket cost difference between the two methods, and patients communicate with us that these costs can be several hundred dollars less through our office.  From a comprehensive perspective, we think this way is the best method for our patients.

We believe the main reason some practitioners choose the cash-for-serve model over the insurance model is a simple matter of business survival.  Hormone evaluation and treatment is a time-consuming process.  Office visits and lab results require significantly more time by the practitioner than the traditional annual wellness exam.  It is not uncommon for our typical BHRT patients to have multiple office visits, which can become more frequent depending upon their progress.

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