No matter if you exercise every day or just here and there through the week, there is always a clear difference in how that day feels compared to the others. Exercising can bring moods up even after a simple walk outside or a heavy weight lifting session. This may change if you are going through your period. You may try to take a break from exercising as your body may be sore or going through cramps. Exercising may be just what you need to keep your body from being too uncomfortable.
Exercising has an amazing way of helping both your mental and physical body at the same time. This still is in effect when you are going through your period, possibly even more noticeable than normal. Of course, it is important to listen to your body and do what you are comfortable with during that week and to not push yourself too far, but even the simplest workouts can cause a noticeable difference.

Understand Your Body

Before you jump into a workout session while on your period, figure out what your body is capable of then and there. Each period may be different and a five-mile run may be possible one month, but the next month you may only be able to do two miles. And that is perfectly okay.
You don’t want to push your body too far and end up making yourself sore in different ways than before you started your exercise. Listen to your body and don’t force yourself into any workout that doesn’t feel good.

Pick a Good Workout

The week of your period isn’t a week to try brand new and extensive workouts, you can save that until next week. This week focus on workouts that you know how to do and can do pretty easily. This can be as simple as a walk through the neighborhood to a swim in a pool. Doing yoga or pilates can also help you feel more in tune with your body as well as taking time to stretch and work out your muscles if you are sore. Different types of yoga poses may also be able to help ease any cramps you get during that week.
Do workouts that you feel like doing. This is not a week to overexert yourself and a woman’s health is nothing to test or challenge this time of the month.

The Benefits

Exercising while on your period and not can be extremely beneficial to your health. While on your period, however, it can come with other types of benefits to you.
Of course, mentally, exercising can help your mood increase. Exercise naturally helps raise your endorphins which can help raise your mood and level it out. These endorphins can help with circulation as well as any body pains that could be affecting your mood. Exercising may also help against the PMS symptoms you may be feeling. This could be helping fight against any fatigue or mood swings that could occur that week or around your period.
Exercise has many benefits that come along with it no matter when you choose to get out there. On your period, however, exercising could be a great assistance to helping your week go by smoother.