When women go through menopause, their body is going to start changing. Some of the symptoms may not be as intense as they are to others, but, whatever the story might be, there are ways to combat anything you may be feeling.

One great way to help any intense menopause symptoms is through exercising. Exercising is a great benefit at any age, but, during menopause, you may see different outcomes and feel differently from the exercises than before. Simple exercising can help against both weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Both of those things are symptoms one may get when going through menopause.


While this may not seem like a traditional form of exercise, meditation or even yoga can still be beneficial to women out there. It can create an opportunity to practice relaxation, and on top of that, some of the yoga stances may help with common menopause symptoms. Fatigue, hot flashes, and irritability may be a little more controlled or helped while working on centering your body and mind.


A common exercise that can help during menopause is cardio exercises. This is a great way to focus on muscle groups and keeping your heart rate up. This can be done through walking, jogging, or even riding a bike. These exercises can be done around your street, on a treadmill, or even with friends. Adding one or more of these types of exercise can help maintain or lose weight and also help with your mental health as well.

Strength Exercises

One of the bigger symptoms of menopause is the loss of bone and muscle strength. Thankfully, there can be easy ways to combat this and make sure you stay within the healthy limit of these two things. Keeping your bones and muscles strong is a very important part of women’s health.

You can do this at home with dumbbells, resistance bands, or ankle and wrist weights. Using these tools and creating simple exercises to do a day or at least a few times a week can make a huge difference. You can also go to a gym and use the machines they have there as well and their free weights. It is all about what is comfortable for you and how you choose to keep your body healthy through menopause.

Keep it Simple

Working with weights or a bike if you have never done it before maybe a bit overwhelming and you may not be sure where to start. While these are great ways to get up with exercise while in menopause, there are different ways you keep your body active without even realizing it.

One of these could be housework or gardening. You are constantly squatting, kneeling, bending over, walking back and forth, or lugging heavy things of dirt around. All of that is working your joints, muscles, and keeping your heart rate up. This could easily be a form of exercise.

Dancing can also be considered a hidden exercise. If you enjoy dancing to classical or hip hop, you are still working out your body and keeping it active.

Overall, exercising your body while in menopause can have great benefits. It can keep your systems at bay and even give great outcomes to your body as well.