Can alcohol and menopause co-exist? Drinking alcohol during menopause can be difficult to navigate. How will my body respond to alcohol before, during, and after menopause?


Research shows that alcohol can have a significant impact on postmenopausal women, particularly in the area of bone strength. A 2012 Oregon State University research study of 40 postmenopausal women (average age of 56 y/o) showed that women who consume one to two alcoholic drinks per day have a higher bone density. (AARP) While 90% of study participants favored drinking wine, the results show that it was the alcohol content altogether, not the drink of choice, that improved bone density.


Many women turn to alcohol as a possible relief for hot flashes. Moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks per day) may increase the effects of hot flashes throughout menopause. Studies show that alcohol naturally increases your body temperature, which further complicates the effects of hot flashes. (34 Menopause Symptoms)


Consuming more than two alcoholic drinks per day can also accentuate menopausal symptoms of fatigue and moodiness. It’s best to dilute your drinks with water, such as a wine spritzer. Another area of concern can be mixing alcohol with postmenopausal medications. If you’re starting a new prescription, always consult your doctor on how your new medication may interact with alcohol.


As with all alcohol, drinking in moderation can help protect vital organs as you age, particularly your liver, heart, and stomach. However, one drink per day can help reduce the risk of several serious health complications, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, stroke, dementia, and type 2 diabetes. (


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