Men, are you insecure around an attractive woman? Do you find it hard to hold her attention when you flirt? Does it seem like other guys have no problems picking up women compared to you? It may be because your dating game is getting sabotaged by your testosterone, or more specifically, your lack thereof.

Wayne State University recently conducted a study titled, “Testosterone and Self-Reported Dominance Interact to Influence Human Mating Behavior.” (Source) It examined testosterone’s role in undergraduate men’s attempts to woo attractive female undergraduates. Study participants were paired with a competitor and were tested for their testosterone levels before competition. Participants were then challenged with catching an attractive female undergraduate’s attention during a seven-minute videotaped interaction.

The participants’ testosterone influence played a direct role in how assertive they were in conversation with the female undergraduate. The higher testosterone in a participant, the more inclined he was to desire social dominance. The inverse was also true with negative associations between a competitor’s dominance and a participant’s lower testosterone influence.

Lead study author Richard Slatcher, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology in WSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, shared, “We found that testosterone levels influenced men’s dominance behaviors during the competitions, how much they derogated (or ‘bashed’) their competitors afterward, and how much the woman said she ‘clicked’ with them.” This study is a pioneer in the presumption that testosterone plays an active role in dating and flirting among men and women. 

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