“It’s just… so… irritating!” The words exploded from your mouth and immediately, you wondered, “What’s wrong with me?” Seemingly insignificant details are bundling into a string of frustrations. You asked your husband to take out the trash and he left the can without a fresh bag, like he always does! As soon as he walks back inside, you quickly and abruptly point out his forgetfulness (again!)… and then you see that he’s holding a new bag in his hand. You immediately apologize, but this isn’t the first time lately you’ve acted out in a moment of short-fused frustration.

Why are you so on edge? Is it stress? Lack of sleep? Are you not feeling well? Chances are you’re nodding your head to all three, but it’s something more. You feel this edge of irritation throughout your day and what’s worse is that you know what’s frustrating you isn’t at fault. It’s you; you know it’s you, but you just can’t articulate why you’re on edge.

We may have the answer you need. Our hormones change dramatically as we enter our 40’s and 50’s. Many women like yourself feel like they’re losing their minds and it can be frustrating. What used to not be a bother to us become everyday annoyances and something has to change! We believe in the potential of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the transformation we’ve seen in women such as yourself.

Rebalancing hormones can ease points of irritation and give you the peace of mind and patience to handle frustrations. Of course, life is filled with potential irritations, but think of how much easier you will be able to handle them if you feel like yourself again. Our ReVital team would like to share our FREE eBook available for immediate download here. This resource can help you learn more about hormone replacement therapy for women and whether it may be a good solution for you.

Download your FREE eBook and schedule your next appointment today. Your everyday living will be much easier to manage if you have the mental clarity and inner peace to manage whatever comes your way.