Pregnancy hormones are nothing to laugh at, they can be very serious for every woman that goes through them. For each woman, they may come a bit differently than for others, but there are always very similar reasons why they are occurring. With the vast amount of hormones that are constantly changing through the body during pregnancy, this can lead to mood swings and physical changes that a woman goes through.

Why to Expect Them

During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, estrogen will increase in the body over 100 times the usual amount. Estrogen really has control over so much in that body. It can control the mind in ways to make you feel absolutely overjoyed, or the complete opposite. The rapid rise of estrogen, in the beginning, can make a woman feel giddy. While only three months later, the estrogen levels may decrease just as much and cause depression in the woman just as fast as she was happy.
On top of the estrogen hormone, progesterone also comes into play later on in the pregnancy as well. This hormone affects the relaxation part of a woman’s brain in the body. This is what causes them to be fatigued more than usual. This can also cause bowels to slow down as well.
With all these changes happening in the span of such a short amount of time, it makes sense that so many mood swings and differences in state of mind might occur. When it comes to female hormone imbalance, a lot goes into it and it is important to understand that they are causing your mood swings that are outside of your control.

Ways to Deal

Since all these changes are happening, it can be important to understand what is going on and to have a good support group around you.

Talk with your Family

By keeping open communication between you and your partner, or even with your other kids if you have any, can help them understand better. This doesn’t have to be anything too in-depth, but just letting them know that you have been feeling down or angry lately and it doesn’t have to do with them.
Keeping it simple with the kids can help them know it’s not their fault, and to let them know you just aren’t feeling too well right now.

Try Yoga or Meditation

Depending on what trimester you are in, this may seem like a crazy request. However, when it comes to coping with your anxiety or depression, or even bodily aches and pains, yoga can be a great outlet to do so. There are videos up online that you could follow, or yoga classes with other upcoming mothers as well.

Be Kind to Yourself

You are carrying a little person inside you, it makes sense that is taking all your energy and moods. However, being kind and patient to yourself can help you through those days that are very hard. You could possibly pick up journaling, allowing you to talk through your feelings and work through them.
You want to make sure you are taking time for yourself through these mood swings. Sleep can be the best way to do so. Sleeping may get progressively more difficult through your trimesters so, taking those naps during the day if you are tired is key. Getting the proper sleep can help fight against those mood swings as well.
In the end, mood swings may be a very overwhelming part of your pregnancy. Thankfully, there are ways to try to get a hold of them and understand why you are feeling them, helping you settle your mood easier.