A hormone imbalance can happen to a woman at any age. Whether it is caused by age, menopause, mental health, or even another physical incident, it can be common that an imbalance may arise. However, depending on how the imbalance occurred, there may be different ways to try to remedy it.

One of the many ways we have seen to help bring your natural hormones like estrogen back into your body may be to start hormone therapy. This could include pills, pellets, gell, or even a shot. These options may be if you have hit menopause and are feeling the effects of low estrogen both physically and mentally. However, if you are going through a pregnancy or other event that may have your hormones out of balance, there are simple ways to help. One of which could be the food you eat. Now of course you could think of changing your whole entire diet and creating a whole new routine, but there can be a way around that. Smoothies are an amazing way to get a lot of different types of nutrients and supplements all in one meal.

Why Smoothies

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get nutrients you may not like or think to have every day, into your body quickly and taste good at the same time. They also offer a way to eat a healthy breakfast and help start your day off with energy and a healthy belly.

How Would it Help

To start off with, smoothies can contain many nutrients and healthy carbs to help us stay energized throughout the day. They may have healthier fibers and sugars to regulate us, making sure we don’t crash in the middle of our work. Carbohydrates in large amounts may be what gets us tired later on, but utilizing fiber in our diets can help stop that. The proper fibers, proteins, and fat in smoothies can also help regulate the Leptin in our body.

Leptin can also be called the satiety hormone that helps tell our body we are full and don’t need to eat more. If we are getting more of that hormone, it can help signal the brain to work better too. Regulating these hormones and feelings can help improve a woman’s health and can help them feel more lively during their day.

What is in the Smoothies

There are four main parts of a smoothie that will ensure you are getting the right benefits out of the drink. The first one would be the fiber of course. You can get fiber from chia seeds, cauliflower rice, and flax seeds. This can help regulate your digestion and keep your body moving.

The second will be protein. When it comes to a smoothie you will find protein most likely in powder form or in collagen. Protein can help things like your hair, muscles, and bone become stronger and stay healthy. Thirdly, you should include fat. There are healthy fats that can be put into smoothies like coconut oil and nut butter. Then lastly will be your greens. Adding spinach, kale, or basil to your smoothies can help keep your bones strong as well.

Overall, keeping your body healthy, strong, and your hormones regulated can be done with the simple change of food and the addition of some tasty drinks.