“It takes me twenty minutes to motivate myself to get out of bed. Why do I feel so… bleh?”

Do you wake up feeling tired and you’re not sure why? If you’re like many women in their 40’s or 50’s, even the thought of having pep in your step is exhausting. You’re not staying up late or doing anything too extreme, but you still have no energy. You wonder, “Why do I feel this way?”

As many as 80 percent of women in their 40’s and 50’s feel fatigued at some point in their most recent history. (Source) What may feel like a season of life can slowly become our reality and we long for the way we used to feel when we were younger. We want to be inspired, to feel alive and vibrant, not dragging through our everyday life and drained of all energy. Is this simply feeling older or is it something more serious?

Hormone imbalance can cause a variety of symptoms, including fatigue and lack of motivation. The freedom to enjoy life without exhaustion is possible again through hormone replacement therapy. Our ReVital care staff works with patients to understand and treat your body using only safe and proven hormone therapy solutions. There is only one true you, which is why we take the time to get to know you and how your body uniquely responds to treatment.

You may have questions or concerns about hormone replacement therapy for women such as yourself. We created a FREE eBook available for immediate download here to help you learn more about our different varieties of hormone replacement therapy for women. Download your FREE eBook and schedule your next appointment today. We want to help you feel like yourself again and enjoy all the energy you need.