Antidepressants – Why are so many women taking antidepressants?
Antidepressants are so common that many women don’t question their doctor on the recommendation.  Whether you are aware or not, many women in their 40’s and 50’s are on antidepressants for symptoms that can be traced to hormone imbalance.  As with any medication, there is a right time – right place – right dose . . . however, if the underlying symptom is hormonal, this will simply cover the symptoms.

Antidepressants for fatigue and insomnia?
Antidepressant . . . of course I thought depressed . . . but fatigue, insomnia, and hot flashes? Unfortunately YES. Many physicians prescribe antidepressants for a wide range of symptoms that include: fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, PMS, hot flashes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, panic attacks, and mood swings. Although they can lift your mood in the midst of these conditions, if the underlying problem remains it will rear its ugly head again.

The symptoms described above are common symptoms of hormone imbalances.  Just a few of the imbalances can be traced to: 

Other Causes of Depressed Moods
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Low Testosterone
3. Low Progesterone
4. Menopause

Caution: Do not stop taking an antidepressant unless monitored by a physician.
If you are currently taking antidepressants, you should never stop them unless under the guidance of a physician.  Your body has made adaptations to your physiology and the risks of stopping “cold turkey” are significant.

Our physicians can help reduce the dependence on the antidepressants while treating the underlying conditions contributing to your condition. 

Don’t let your Doctor tell you “It’s All In Your Head”
Never ignore your symptoms . . . ever.  It is your body telling you something is wrong. Sometimes the symptoms are subtle, sometimes they are not.  All the symptoms must be taken into account along with your health history to uncover the imbalance and to restore your energy and vitality. 

We have written a free eBook, available for instant download. Many patients use it as a guide to ask their doctor questions while preparing them to have a successful meeting with their doctor.  Read it to educate yourself more on all your options for restoring you back to the vital you.

You are at the point of your life when you have the most knowledge and influence . . . ReVitalize your body so you can take on everything you desire.