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Start by simply selecting a time that works for you using our online booking request or you may contact our office directly to speak with a treatment coordinator. Our initial consultations are always complimentary.

Common Questions

Browse our most popular questions and should you not find what you’re looking for, know that we’re just a quick phone call away!

How do I get started on treatment with ReVital?2020-08-25T12:32:12-05:00

Simply contact our office by calling directly, emailing us, or schedule your free consultation using our online booking.

Why should I choose ReVital?2020-08-25T12:31:11-05:00

ReVital Women’s Clinic is the premier BHRT specialist in the Midwest. With offices Omaha, NE, Des Moines, IA, and St. Louis, MO, we have been leading the industry through providing the best care and customer service. We are persistent in continuing education and staying active on the most recent and up-to-date medical information. As with all hormone clinics, you should always research prior to starting therapy.

We pride ourselves on two simple ideas:

  • Safety. We provide close monitoring to avoid early signs of treatment problems.
  • Convenience. We offer accommodating blood draw options so the treatment doesn’t interrupt your life.
What will it cost to achieve hormone balance?2020-08-25T12:14:20-05:00

Contact us to find out costs. Our treatment is catered to the individual through screening methods that are based on lab results.

When is HRT most beneficial for women?2020-08-25T12:12:40-05:00

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women can help any woman whose hormones are out of balance. We see women ranging from ages 30 up to 65, but all came in because they were experiencing symptoms without medical explanation. There are three stages of menopause — perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. There are also rare instances regarding women who have never had balanced hormones, as evidenced by excessively painful menstrual cycles and extreme mood swings. Hormone replacement therapy for women can help treat the cause of these issues and get you back to leading a normal life.

What is Female Hormone Replacement Therapy?2020-08-25T12:07:00-05:00

Female bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, otherwise known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can take the form of patches, creams, pills or pellets – in our case, we utilize pellets. ReVital hormone therapy is the most effective hormone replacement therapy, as they provide a consistent release of dosage that other methods cannot provide via pellet hormone therapy. When hormones are out of balance, hormone replacement therapy for women can help relieve a wide array of different symptoms, both physical and emotional. Bioidentical hormone replacement for women provides relief from symptoms by treating the cause, not just the symptoms themselves.

With ReVital’s treatment, my symptoms are gone. I’m sleeping throughout the night, power surges (hot flashes) are gone, and my husband and I have reconnected again. The passion is back!

Monica S.
St. Louis, MO

Do You Experience Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance?

A woman’s hormone imbalance can increase the risk of health problems such as osteoporosis, blood clots and heart disease. And, while a healthy lifestyle can slow down the decline of hormone levels, the natural process of aging will eventually cause hormone imbalance in all women at some point in their lives.