We are currently living during incredibly unsettling and uncertain times for many of us. And, to simply get through the day, we are often encouraged to change the way we live without much time for acclimation. There has been a shift in the way we work; some are working from home, some are not working at all, and some are now managing a home, caring for small children, and helping children with online school.

We want to recognize that change can be difficult at times, so it’s even more important to take time to step away from the noise and focus on yourself.

How can we make the most of this change and embrace the good that comes out of it? Check out our seven ideas.

Focus On Five Things

Search for five things that currently bring you joy. Not what brought you joy six months ago but what makes you happy now. Write them down. Pick one thing from this list each day and make sure it happens. Is one thing having more time to cook? Whip up a delicious meal. Is one having more time to soak in a tub full of bubbles? Draw that bath.

Put Down The Screen

Put away the phone or tablet and take a break from social scrolling and TV watching and make time for downtime. Find activities that make you laugh, smile, or force a conversation with another human being. Reconnect with an old friend on the phone or make your kids laugh when playing a game. Tell a story and listen to each other’s voices. Enjoy the human voice.

Give Yourself Space

Give your partner, your children, and others living with you some space. We are spending much more time together and for some, the closeness may feel suffocating. Find activities you can spend time doing alone and encourage others in your home to do the same.

Reconnect With Nature

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Listen to the birds, watch their movements, and observe the business of their day. Take in the smell of freshly cut grass and see if that sparks a positive memory.

Revisit Playful Things

Think about things you did as a child that brought you happiness. You may have forgotten how much fun participating in these activities can be. Ride a bike, paint or color, play an instrument, write down a story or poem, or close your eyes and simply daydream.

Exercise And Move

Make time to move every day, whether it is getting back into a regular exercise program, practice deep breathing, or walking outside.


Start a journal and write down your current feelings. Putting them on paper gives allows you to own your current feeling, acknowledge them and then let them free. Recording your thoughts on paper can keep your thoughts organized and can strengthen self-discipline.

More than ever, self-care should be at the forefront of your mind. Bathe or shower regularly. Put on a new outfit every day to symbolize the restart of a new day. Brush your teeth and hair. Enjoy preparing and eating healthy foods and take time to enjoy the food’s flavors. Research some healthy or new recipes and enjoy the outcome of a good meal.

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