“What would my dad think about this . . .”  That exact thought goes through my mind. 

The impact of a father on his children is profound.   He can either set a standard for them to strive for . . . or an example to run from. 

I was fortunate to be one whose father set a standard that is high – in my opinion, it is out of my reach.  In all areas, he provided what I needed to develop the skills for a good life.

Oh boy . . . I’m a father!

I was 10 years into being a father myself before I realized that although I was still looking to the stage my father set, I too was on stage.  I was setting the standard, I was the example, I was to provide what they needed for a good life.  That shot me up in bed one night, “Wait a minute . . . they are going to take me as a standard to strive for . . . or RUN FROM!” 

Scary stuff. 

Having All The Tools . . .

If being an example for my kids is like building a house, then I better have all the tools I need:

– Wood (Strong)

– Nails (Stable)

– Windows (Accessable)

– Roof (Tenacity)

– Foundation (Solid – Immobile – have some “Non-Negotiables”))

This Fixes Most Things . . . 

A strong father can fix so many things.  I have dedicated my career to helping men be the best they can be.  When men are healthy and strong . . . anything  is possible.  Every kid deserves to grow up watching that in action.  I did.