No matter how old your child may be, the opportunity to bond with them will always be there. There will always be chances and times to go out with your kids and make memorable moments with them that they will remember forever. Through these moments it could also give the opportunity for you to learn about them and see what their interests and dreams are without asking plainly. 

These times could be as easy as spending them at home with your loved one, to go out for a day-cation with them to a place you have both wanted to. It doesn’t matter how detailed or planned out it may be, just the time alone with your children will make it worth it. 


We all have a sweet tooth.. Going through family recipes or even recipes you find online with your kids can be a great way to get them excited. Let them pick out one of their favorite sweets and make it a mission to make it from scratch. Giving your little ones their own responsibilities and working together to create something can give both you and your children great pride when it comes to eating the sweet dessert later on. 

Baking with them can be a great teaching moment too. On top of responsibilities, it would give you the chance to teach them about temperature and measurements. Never mind the fact that children ask so many questions along the way, you may end up having to answer, what came first, the chicken or the egg? 

A Picnic

This one can be fun both indoors and outdoors, but if it is just too hot out or raining, an indoor picnic could be perfect. Maybe after making food together, you all can collect blankets and utensils and bring them to the floor.  Setting up the picnic could be just as fun as eating in one. 

Fun Classes

Taking classes doesn’t always mean learning math or science. There are so many classes out there that a parent and their kid can do and both learn some amazing skills. 

There are cooking, pottery, painting, gardening, and even dancing classes out there. If you have a hobby you have been meaning to get into, there is probably a fun class out there to help you. 

These classes can be a great way for you both to bond and grow together. Watching each other improve and helping each other through the classes can help build trust and a stable relationship between mother and parent as well. 


Walking can be a great way to explore the world around you and discover new things. With children, it could be a great opportunity to show them different types of flowers or animals that could be around. For both of you, it can be great for your health. It is important that at any age, a woman’s health is still a priority, and thankfully with the abundance of energy kids can have, walks are a real way to hit two birds with one stone. 

With walking, it can also lead to talking and storytelling. This could lead to some amazing bonding moments and chances to learn more about your children and for them to learn more about you. 

Overall, whether it may be indoors or outdoors, there are so many ways to keep up with your children and create a strong bond with them,