As the summer months heat up, you may realize your energy level isn’t up for all the summer has to offer. You don’t want to find yourself falling asleep on the front porch swing while watching the sunset. You want the drive and energy to enjoy farmer’s markets and walks through the park. Getting a boost in your energy can help you make wonderful memories this summer and it’s possible with a few simple, easy steps.

One way to enjoy the energy you need for the summer is to sleep in cooler temperatures. Humidity and triple-digit temperatures can quickly drain our energy, which is why a good night’s sleep is crucial for recovering our lost energy. Sleeping under a simple cotton cover sheet instead of a full comforter can improve your comfort level.

Another tip is to drink more water than usual. Our bodies need more water than we realize during the summer. Drinking an extra 8 oz. glass of water each day may not be enough to keep your body properly hydrated. You may need to consume as much as half a gallon of water above your normal water intake. Click here to read more tips about staying hydrated during the summer.

Changing your diet for the summer can be an excellent way to boost your energy. Avoid heavier protein-rich foods, like steaks and burgers, and caffeinated beverages. Try to drink alcohol only in the cool of the evening. The harder your body has to work to digest and process your food, the less energy you will have to enjoy hot summer weather.

While eating healthier and getting a good night’s sleep can help many women, others of us may be suffering from a lack of energy due to imbalanced hormones. Rebalancing your hormones can naturally restore your energy level as well as help you regain mental clarity and your sense of well-being.

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