Can your attitude toward menopause affect your experience? You may be surprised. A 2010 published study by the Department of Psychology at King’s College in London indicates that women with more negative attitudes towards menopause reported more symptoms throughout menopause. (NCBI) Study results found symptoms to be more correlated to personal characteristics and attitude than to documented menopausal changes.  

“Menopause syndrome,” or the inducing or accentuating of menopausal symptoms, is an often overlooked variable influencing menopausal women. Negative attitudes toward menopause can compound our hormonal imbalances with decreased estrogen and progesterone. The natural decrease in hormone production can sometimes lead to increased feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. If you previously experienced clinical depression or anxiety before beginning menopause, it’s wise to confide in your doctor for a treatment plan to monitor any influence menopause may play into your future.

The changes that come with this new season of our lives can be difficult to accept, but we have an opportunity to embrace the next chapter of life. Studies show that women who are relieved or indifferent about the end of their menses also have a more positive experience throughout menopause. (ResearchGate) While we no longer consider the prospect of becoming pregnant, we can eliminate any undue stress through careful management of our mental and emotional focus towards menopause. How we see ourselves as we begin this life change may greatly improve our experience through menopause.

While our mindset may be positive, our bodies may still experience menopausal symptoms more strongly than some of our friends. Hormone therapy can be an excellent solution to help rebalance your life and ease your transition. Our ReVital care staff designed a FREE eBook available for immediate download here to help you learn more about our various treatment solutions using hormone replacement therapy for women. Download your FREE eBook and schedule your next appointment today.